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The Need for Speed

Everyone has the need for speed. But this speed isn’t about how fast we can go. That’s for driver and I’m a putting guy. So if you aren’t bored to tears at that thought, keep reading…

Did you know that there’s a right and wrong way to make putts?

It’s called capture speed. This is something you must know, especially if you’re tired of lipping out putts.

Capture Speed

Don't worry, this new topic is easy to understand.

Capture speed is how fast a ball is rolling when it crosses the front edge of the cup. Now, I have a pretty good eye, but it’s even a stretch for me to see how fast that ball is rolling in revolutions per second. The only way we can tangibly understand this measurement is how far past the cup the ball travels when it rolls over a ghost hole or misses the cup.

Why Does it Matter?

If a ball is traveling faster, the cup size effectively becomes smaller. A smaller cup means you need to hit a “more perfect” putt in order to hole it. While there might be exceptions for top tier players, your best bet is to try and develop a consistent and effective capture speed.

This consistency will help you eliminate lip outs.

If you’re wondering about dying it in being the solution, let’s not get too carried away. We don’t want spike marks or grain to knock a ball off line or cause us to miss.

So the best answer? You can dig through my website for a starting point and quit your journey. (I’d look on this page HERE if I were you)

Or, you can download your free trial of The Putting Plan and we can build something really cool and lasting for you and your putting.

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