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The Preston's Putting Template

Start developing your best stroke
with awareness and feedback!

Get your Preston's Putting Template now!

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The Template Class

In this class you'll learn:

  • How to develop skills like aim, start line and path

  • The best way to train to start matching speed and line

The Template Class

Get The Template Class and train these essential parts of your stroke for just $9.95!

You'll get feedback on essentials like aim, stroke shape, path, start line and impact location!

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[ FAQ # 1 ]
How will this help me get better?

[ ANSWER # 1 ]
Players need feedback for what their stroke patterns and tendencies are. That feedback will help you quickly identify areas for improvement.  

[ FAQ # 2 ]
What are the different arcs for stroke shape?

[ ANSWER # 2 ]
The arcs for the stroke shape are 12, 15, and 18 degree arcs. They are overlayed so players with different stroke patterns can use the same tool.  

[ FAQ # 3 ]
How can a template help with my speed?

 [ ANSWER # 3 ]
The Preston's Putting Template has marks for players to identify their size of stroke and be more consistent. Develop that awareness with consistent tempo to produce a baseline.

[ FAQ # 4 ]
Can you use this with any putter?

[ ANSWER # 4 ]
Yes. The tee slots in the impact interval allow players with different putter head sizes to work on their path and strike.

[ FAQ # 5 ]
Why are the face lines only near the golf ball?

[ ANSWER # 5 ]
We designed the Template to fit a variety of stroke patterns. Since the various arc strengths (12, 15, and 18 degrees) have very similar patterns in the hitting area, the face angles are all very similar. This is the only region where keeping the club face square to the path can be the most important. 

[ FAQ # 6 ]
Can lefties use this?

[ ANSWER # 5 ]
Yes, just putt the opposite direction and use the opposite hole to place the golf ball. 
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