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Collecting data through Strokes Gained Putting is a valuable tool that players of all skill levels can benefit from using. Yet the majority of players shy away from this information for any number of...

It's Not That Hard

I promise Strokes Gained Putting isn't as hard as that picture. No really, it's not that hard. What it is though, is simple math to actually see how your putting performance stacks u...

May 21, 2019

“Don’t believe everything you hear.” 

For us, this cliche it is even more applicable in our era than ever. Between countless social media fronts and print materials (if your lifestyle even permits time...

May 7, 2019

While at a seminar some years back, the speaker was engaging the audience in the idea of team building. He posed a question that at first glance has a very obvious answer:

“How do you know if your tail...

This foray against myths perpetuated across social media fronts is in its third installment. Without knowing the real information behind this particular myth, you will likely be fiddling with your gri...

I have another all time favorite myth for us to tear apart: Your eyes need to be over the ball at address. 

I cringe every time I hear it. Everyone has heard it. And just about every ama...

In a world where you have access to piles of instructional tips, articles, and videos, where do you turn? How do you know what's right? 

The more I look at the "information" that is out there, it becom...

December 31, 2018

2018 provided what I consider my first exceptional opportunity to construct the foundation for my coaching and delivering excellence to all golfers. Accomplishments ranged from building an elite facil...

May 14, 2018

Yes, there are golfers that are more than happy to take down every bit of information they scrounge up on the internet and put it into play during their next round. Others though, might proceed with a...

If you have read some of my prior blog posts, you know I like stories. I recently had a chance to catch up with Tony Wright (@GameImproveGolf on Twitter - give him a follow) about talking about my put...

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August 5, 2019

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