When you go to the course, are you "practicing" your putting or "working" on your stroke? Would you like to know if what you're doing is actually helping your game? 

Stop guessing about your putting and experience true performance coaching.

Scheduling Your First Visit 

To schedule your first visit, please contact Preston directly with more information about your playing background, game and what you hope to achieve during your session.   

About Your First Session

After booking your first session, you will receive an e-mail inviting you to your CoachNow Training Space. This online information portal has channels with foundational information and will be where your session recap is stored. We'll cover a lot of information during you session, so it will be important to have a way to review your visit. Even better, the mobile app allows you to keep it right in your pocket! 

About The Putting Experience

The Putting Experience is a half day session (3 hours) that shows players the necessary technique to execute The Putting Priorities.  This structure is the most effective for collecting the necessary stroke information and learning about the player's history. From there, we can make effective changes and establish the pathway to excellent putting. 

Why half day sessions?
Simply put, effective change takes time. All clients are utilizing half day sessions for the best possible means of improvement. Similar to the full swing, creating a new motor pattern for putting doesn't happen quickly. That, coupled with the Dynamic Blend of The Putting Priorities requires more than a quick fix in an hour. 

About The Training Camp

The Training Camp is a 2 Day Event that includes a complete diagnostics assessment, golf, meals, and more. This is the best option for competitive players traveling from out of town or if a coach wishes to bring a player to The Studio for assistance. Click HERE to read more about this offering.

Directions and Lodging

Preston's Putting is located at:

Twin Lakes Golf Course

6034 Hollister Avenue 

Goleta, CA 93117 


This is on the corner of Fairview Ave and Hollister Ave. The entrance is best accessed from Hollister Ave. The Studio is in the large building adjacent to the Golf Shop and 1st tee box.


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* - Depending on the player's needs, we might not focus on all of the listed topics during The Putting Experience. Sometimes, one area needs more attention than others.


** - SpiderPutt is currently available on iPhone only


x - Some Visio Training aids are provided if applicable


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