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Losers Have Goals. What do You Have?

What is your path of least resistance to making more putts?

“Losers have goals. Winners have systems.”

- Scott Adams

Creator of the Dilbert comic strip

You can have a goal to putt better. But what you really need is a system and guided steps to actually achieve some results. I really think Scott's words embody that here.

When I talk about developing a system for putting, I’m looking for a way for players to gather information that will help them become more consistent as they travel from course to course or even round to round. If you’ve read 3 Things to Know, we need feedback for The Putting Priorities like Read, Speed, and Direction.


Why don't you have a system for your putting?

This is where I typically hear the excuses.

“I don’t have enough time before I play.”

“I’m just a feel player.”

“I already have something that works.”

If it worked so well, you wouldn’t 3 putt as often as you do.

You wouldn’t expect a putt to turn right only to watch it turn left. You wouldn’t have days where you just don't make anything nothing came together.

If you don’t have those problems, stop reading and return to the home page HERE.

If you do run into those issues, what if you could crack the code in just 10 minutes before you go play?


Protocols and Tools

The system I developed incorporates stacked protocols. That’s a way to do several things at once for maximum efficiency. That solves your time crunch so you can still hit balls for 45 minutes and exhaust yourself before playing.

Then, I provide you the multi-tool solution for gathering this information. That’s one feedback tool that solves multiple problems at once. It's easy to roll out and even easier to create consistency if you're doing the same thing every day.

The free trial of The Putting Plan will show you the framework for speed and then you can learn how to woarm up in just ten minutes.


The Wrap Up

There are things you should learn about the course and practice each day, even if you're not playing. I call them The Every Day Items, and The Putting Plan will show you how to start making this part of your routine.

  1. Find your setup

  2. Consistent speed

  3. Green speed

  4. Start line

  5. Accurate reads

Let's get you on track together. Click HERE to join your free trial of The Putting Plan.


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