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Preston Combs, PGA Teaching Professional

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The Putting School is an all encompassing experience that allows groups of players to learn The Putting Priorities together. 

Creating an understanding of Read, Speed, and Direction helps players establish framework for what's important in their putting that will allow them to improve faster than ever. 

Additionally, participants will also have full access to the facility as well as enjoy private lessons to hone in on some of the techniques that will allow them to use the skills they have learned 

  • Groups of 2-5 people with a maximum of 5 people

  • 3 Hour Group Session discovering speed, green reading, and direction components

  • Private sessions available for each participant that day. (Example: 5 attendees each receive a 1 hour private lesson following the Group session)

  • Individual lesson recaps in CoachNow platform

  • The Putting School Manual

  • Full facility access throughout the day (Driving range, short game area, golf course, indoor TruGolf Simulator)

  • Level 1 and Level 2 Schools available

The Putting School: Level 1

$2000 per day

The Putting School: Level 2

$2000 per day

Can't make it to Santa Barbara? No problem!

Custom travel packages are available for facilities to cater the best putting experience to their membership or for other coaches to enlist an expert to best help their clientele achieve their goals. 

Recommendations for organizing this type of event can be made via e-mail. Please contact Preston HERE to schedule your event today.