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Golf schools face a predicament. The players attend an event, learn information, and some even make significant progress while there. Unfortunately, a harsh reality sets in the following week.

I can’t remember what we did that worked. Something isn’t right. I’ve lost it.

How can we solve that for a part of the game that is as abstract as putting?

The solution is The Putting School.

The Putting School: Level 1

  • Speed Management with the Small Base Stroke

  • AimPoint Green Reading - Level 1 

  • Speed Kit - Level 1

  • Video database recapping The Putting School

The Putting School: Level 2

  • Expand the Small Base Stroke with the Stroke Stacking System 

  • AimPoint Green Reading - Level 2 

  • Speed Kit - Level 2

  • Video database recapping The Putting School and your Practice Plan

The Putting School: Level 3

  • The Dynamic Blend

  • Complex Reads

  • How to Practice and Challenges 

  • Speed Kit - Level 3

  • Video database recapping The Putting School and new challenges


Hosting a Putting School

Contact Preston if you'd like to schedule an event at your club so that you and your membership can experience a true Putting School. 

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