Can't make it to Santa Barbara for live lessons?
Preston's Putting Online is your solution!


Welcome to Preston's Putting Online! In an era where instruction and coaching are both readily available on phones, it's time to start making your putting training more effective. Don't let your distance from Santa Barbara, CA prevent you from improving your performance! 

Through use of a private information portal called CoachNow, you will be able to improve your putting in single sessions, 3 session, or Annual Memberships. 


  • Purchase your session

  • Questionnaire is download to your laptop/PC

  • Preston sets up your CoachNow space

  • Upload your questionnaire to that space

  • Upload your FO and DTL videos

  • Receive voiceover analysis (2-3 videos)

  • Do your homework 

  • Upload new FO and DTL videos for a follow up 

Preston's Putting Online - Single Session

Preston's Putting Online - Single Session

Preston's Putting Online - 3 Session Package

Preston's Putting Online - 3 Session Package

Preston's Putting Online - Annual Membership

Preston's Putting Online - Annual Membership



Q: How long does it take for you to respond?

A: Average response time is 2-3 days depending on availability 

Q: Do I need to schedule a time?

A: The program is flexible and you do not need to schedule a time. Single and 3 Session packages are video uploads and Preston will respond with a complete voiceover analysis for you

Q: Can I book a single live session with you like a Zoom or FaceTime?

A: Live sessions are reserved for Annual Members of Preston's Putting Online

Q: If my putter is a problem, is that included with a session? How does a virtual fitting work? 

A: Yes, we can help with putter selection and fitting. There are some essential parameters to get correct, most notably the right length which is predicated on body type and setup needs. If you have access to technology like SAM PuttLab or Capto, we can review that data to decide between putters. 

Q: What kind of support is available after the initial session and follow up? If I need more hands on support, what's the best option for me?

A: Players are always welcome to purchase additional single sessions or 3 session packages. There is no expiration and can be used as the player and coach see fit. If you like a lot of hands on access, The Annual Membership is your best option.

Q: I want to sign up for the Annual Membership, but can't pay it all up front. Is there a payment option?
A: Yes. The Annual Membership is billed monthly at $525 per month for 12 months.  

Q: What if something comes up during my Annual Membership? Can I pause or take a break? 
A: Yes, we understand that life happens and are very accommodating. We just ask for 2 weeks notice as a courtesy if you do need to stop for a month. Common occurrences are family related and especially those who live in winter climates with limited indoor access. 

Q: Are the videos and CoachNow platform compatible with all technology systems?

A: Yes. CoachNow can be download as a mobile app or accessed on the computer at  

Q: Do I need any special equipment for the drills in the practice plan? 

A: If you do need any training aids, they will all be available through my website. Providing the tools for success is important.

Q: What does a typical practice plan look like?  

A: The practice plan will directly relate to The Putting Priorities of Read, Speed, and Direction. This will include exercises to build the skills and competitive work to keep players sharp. 

What's the time commitment to best improve my putting?

A: The question of the amount of time comes up often. Player should plan on very focused and moderate length sessions rather than trying to work for 3 consecutive hours once per week. 

Q: Do the virtual lessons include tips for improving the mental aspect of putting? For example, I get psyched out on short putts often. 

A: Having played competitive golf, Preston can share his experiences as well as stories from other players to help navigate that scene. He has also teamed up with a top performance expert, Paul Dewland, for players on an as needed basis. 


Q: Can I give the lesson packages as a gift to family members?

A: Yes, just purchase through the online store as if you were purchasing for yourself and contact Preston via e-mail at to notify him of the gift usage. Gift cards will be available in Spring 2021.

Program Notes 

-- Upon registering for an online lesson, you will receive an e-mail invitation to your CoachNow space in 24-48 hours

-- At that time, you can complete the online questionnaire and upload videos 

-- Lessons are available on a first come, first serve basis. New clients will be notified about response time upon joining. Space is limited.

-- Response time varies based on availability

Due to pending travel, all Online Lessons will resume on March 10, 2021. All new and existing members/clients will be tended to in the order in which purchases are made. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Due to pending travel, all Online Lessons will resume on March 10, 2021. All new and existing members/clients will be tended to in the order in which purchases are made. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

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