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For the first time ever, Preston's Putting will be offering an interactive coaching series with live webinars!  That's right, not only will there be video modules for you to learn new putting skills, but you'll be able to bring your results and questions to the table in a weekly live chat! 


In this 6 week course you'll learn strategies for managing speed, understanding green reading, and how to do transfer those skills to the course.



Week 1

We'll establish what is really important in putting and test your speed and share a great drill. 

Webinar 1

Discussing your results, patterns, and the best speed drill to stop 3 putting.

Week 2

Week 2 dives into The Speed Branch and details the Key Concepts for managing speed. 

Webinar 2

Troubleshoot patterns, how to practice speed effectively, and using a speed system on the course.

Week 3

Knowing how a ball breaks is an essential part of your process, so let's learn how to pick good targets.

Webinar 3

Review test results and talk about strategies for minimizing damage when determining break.

Week 4

There are some green reading subtleties that players need to maximize short putt performance.

Webinar 4

There's a right and a wrong way to practice short putts. We'll find out what you're missing from 3-6 feet.

Week 5

Expand the Small Base Stroke and adapt dispersion concepts at different distances.

Webinar 5

We'll troubleshoot patterns and identify ways to practice lag putts more effectively.

Week 6

The final week covers practice and how to properly use spacing, variability, and challenge points.

Webinar 6

Review of performance to date and open forum for questions about steps beyond skill development.

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