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Forget the New Year's Resolutions

Let's figure out what worked last year and what we can do better this year.

With a new year comes the hope of fresh starts and for those reading this, aspirations of putting butter. most of us reading this, putting better. Let’s take a look at how I’ve made each year better than the last, you’re going to want to read the first post of 2024.

Yes, I got the idea from Tim Ferriss. If you’d like to check out the original article about PYRs, just click HERE.

You just asked yourself, “What’s a PYR?”

Past Year Review

Tim cites that New Year’s Resolutions are effectively uninformed attempts to make change because the individual is “half-blindly looking forward with broad resolutions.” While his list focuses on lifestyle, relationships, and the interactions that add value to our lives, I’ve adapted the list to your putting. If you really want to putt better, take 15-30 minutes to go through this exercise.


What You Need to Do

  • Grab a notepad (or iPad, or Remarkable) and write two columns: LIKE and DISLIKE

  • Think back through the rounds month by month that you played in 2023. (Competitive players should focus on tournaments)

  • For each month, write down what you feel unlocked “peak performance” and what happened in the “I can’t believe I did that” moments in their applicable column. Note that this isn’t a Sportscenter Top 10 greatest putts you hit, it’s a “what did I do to help me achieve that?” list.

  • Take the your highlight strategies, practices, etc and start building your practice and planning around owning those things now. Then take your “disbelief” events and put them right at the top of your list.

This helps you craft a what’s working and what’s not working instead of just looking at your stats or scoring average and just going “I’m gong to work on these areas.” I’ve always felt like that strategy leaves players exposed to forgetting what they did well and losing sight of what helped them previously.

Email us at with your list. If you do, we can help craft a plan that can help you. There’s some great new programming coming in 2024. You might find out about exclusive access sooner rather than later if follow up with us. Let’s make more in 2024!


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