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Your Biggest Concern

AimPoint Express has become one of the most popular green reading systems in the world.

Last week’s Golf Guru podcast with Jason Sutton brought up the topic of AimPoint Express green reading. I can’t tell you how many players are adverse to learning a great system because they don’t want to be the only player in the group holding up fingers before hitting a putt. Guess what?

Nobody cares.

That’s right. Nobody.

You may be asked about “the finger thing” or draw some funny looks from your playing partners. But by the time the 3rd hole rolls around, it’s just part of your routine and everyone keeps going about their day. Heck, if you make one or two, everyone is going to want to know what you did there. So what's our big concern?

You might be overly concerned about it because you haven’t addressed your inner mammoth.

(If you missed Tim Urban’s post about Taming Your Mammoth, take a quick read here so that reference makes more sense. Promise I was not under the influence while writing this post)

Here’s how the mammoth thinks things are when you use AimPoint Express:

Here’s how things actually are:

Substitute the phones for golf clubs and think of the people on the edges of the second picture as the next hole over or the group behind you.

Then remember household names like Max Homa, Viktor Hovland, Justin Rose, Keegan Bradley, Adam Scott, Justin Thomas, and Dustin Johnson are all using this system.

I won’t say copy everything you see tour pros do on TV, but maybe this isn’t a bad place to start. Click HERE to schedule your visit to The Garage to learn AimPoint Express. It will change your game.

If you’d like to know where else to start to fix your putting, click below to download 3 Things to Know. I want you to have a free copy of my e-book. Enjoy!


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