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What I Did in Hawaii

My time in Hawaii not only changed my life, but it's about to change yours too. Why? While there, I filmed a clip about The Most Important Skill for your putting.

Everyone wants to be consistent, but no one is using the steps or the process to become more consistent. I'm going to share those easy steps with you right now. First, check out this video.

It's pretty simple. I just need to make the same size stroke, the same tempo, and the ball should go about the same distance. It's a novel concept. Yet that leaves just one question...

Why haven't you been practicing like this? Why haven't you worked on decreasing your dispersion when putting?

Think about it. We do it with every other club in the bag. We stand on the range trying to get a pile of golf balls to finish closer to our target. That's a measurable way for us to verify that we're getting better. Yet for the one club in the bag that has the highest demands of adapting to different conditions, we abandon an otherwise sound approach to our practice.


The Key Concepts that determine how far a putt travels are size and tempo.

The most important skill is being able to decrease your dispersion by repeating that size and tempo. The most skilled players can do that from different distances, on different slopes, and on different green speeds.


Most golfers are working on their speed by hitting putts to a hole. But if the ball keeps going in (nice theory, right?), how can you see where the ball stops? That's the feedback you need for the most important skill. Your solution is The Speed Kit. We'll talk more about cool ways for you to use all of these tools so you can become an expert at The Most Important Skill. Until then, click the link below and grab your Speed Kit now! BUY NOW!

Huge thanks to my friends at The Four Seasons Hualalai Golf Hale recorded this Instagram reel. It's a game changer.


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