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The Zero Sum Game

I know this is everyone reading this at one point or another.

You’re warming up for your round and find a 7 footer with some break. The first one goes in with authority. The second one lips out low and goes 3 feet past. You make the next one with the same authority as the first. 2 out of 3 from 7 feet is pretty good. It’s going to be a good day.

Your putting on the course is awful… and you have no idea what happened.

Matching speed and line is hard for a lot of players. But it doesn't have to be with The Putting Plan.

When players talk about their putting, their judgement is solely based on whether or not they are making putts. This is the definition of playing a zero sum game.

A Zero Sum Game is a situation where this is a win for one side at the expense of a loss for another side. The net gain is zero. Anyone not concerned with how the ball went in is guilty of this and has likely experienced the above scenario.

What do you mean “how the ball went in?” The scorecard doesn’t take pictures.

You’re right. The scorecard doesn’t take pictures. But it does reflect your skillfulness.

If you are hitting putts too hard, you’re using a fast capture speed and are prone to lip outs. That strategy might be okay on flat putts, but it doesn’t work on breaking putts.

We need a strategy to solve that. That’s where The Putting Plan comes into play.

I’ll show you how a proven system for matching line and speed like you never thought possible. We’ll stop playing the zero sum game and help you make more putts right now.

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