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So That Green Reading Article...

Don't knock it until you try it! Visit me in The Garage to learn AimPoint Express

I saw this article floating around recently talking about why numbers were painted on the green at the US Women's Open.

You can check out the original article HERE, or keep reading for an expanded version that shares a little bit more about the how and why you might have noticed at Tour events or even your local club.

Disclaimer: This article does not teach you how to do AimPoint, but you should keep reading. Knowledge helps you make better decisions.


Why are players walking around the green and standing in different spots?

These players are practicing feeling slope. Slope is a key concept for understanding reading greens. It is the primary reason for how and why a putt breaks.

Through AimPoint Express, players can learn to use their body to understand which direction and quantify how much the ground is sloped. Some fun facts:

— It is not complicated

— It does not take long

— It is much more useful than relying on just using your eyes


Now for the Objections

“I’ve seen players take forever doing this!”

For something like feeling slope, first instinct is typically your best instinct, especially with some basic training. The longer a player is standing there, it makes the job harder because the body will find equilibrium and everything will feel flat.

“I can’t feel anything.”

If you’re not the person in the above scenario standing in one spot for way too long, there’s still hope for you. There is a best way for each individual to feel slope. Some might rely on different body parts for their feel or other awarenesses that we can tackle during a session.

“I’m going to look stupid.”

Get over yourself. Read this post if you need more than that.

“Why can’t I just use my eyes.”

I hear this one a lot. Let’s go with the bold (and unlikely) assumption that your eyes are good at detecting slope. How do you consider the green speed?

That’s right, different speed greens break different amounts. If you’re just using your eyes, you’re seeing the same slope. But the required break is going to change based on the green speed. How are your eyes going to help with that one? Or are you just going to feel it out?


The Wrap Up

And even if after reading all of this you’re still not sold on using your body for some essential information, you should still learn to read greens better. We can do help build some awarenesses and establish a solid foundation through The Putting Plan.

Let's get you on track together. Click HERE to join your free trial of The Putting Plan. Be sure to join the Full Course for access to the green reading section. Disclaimer: The course does not teach you how to do AimPoint Express. You should still learn concepts about green reading to build your skills.


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