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Putt Better in 10 Minutes!

Tell me if this sounds like you.

You get the golf course about an hour before your tee time and head to the range. You leave 10 minutes to hit some putts. You drop 3 balls down, whack them around to “get a feel for the speed.” Then, you make a few short putts to build some confidence “seeing the ball go in.” Sound familiar?

Think about how many days that plan hasn’t worked for you.

What if I could show you a productive 10 minute warm up?


Yes, it is possible. Let's talk about it.

There are two types of thinking - strategic and tactical. Strategic thinking is your long term approach to solving a problem. And if you’re reading this, that problem is likely your putting. Tactical thinking involves the short term steps in order to start inflicting change. Here’s the problem with your current warm up. You want to putt well that day, so you do things to feel good about your putting for that round. This tactical thinking may work, but it doesn't have the foundation to work all the time. It's not supported by any strategic thinking.

Players haven’t stopped to think about why they 3 putt or miss short putts. They haven’t taken steps to learn The Putting Priorities like read, speed, and direction. Even worse, they don’t even know the key concepts that would help them do any of these better.

Let’s introduce you to “The Putting Plan.”

The Putting Plan is going to help you match speed and line like you never thought possible in just 6 sessions. It’s a strategic approach to helping you acquire the technique and skills required to manage your speed, green reading, and start line.

Click below to join the Free Preview and attend the first webinar!

You’ll never fall victim to that crummy warm up session again. Unless you go back to the short term gains…

“Any time you consider what the long term outcome is going to be, you will make a smarter decision then if you just focus on what I’m going to feel like, how I’m going to be gratified in the next 7 minutes. That will lead you to doing dumb s***.”

- Jocko Willink, Jocko Podcast #377


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