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HUGE Green Reading Myth

I have a Public Service Announcement for you. We've all heard it. The ball breaks towards the ocean and away from the mountains. That said, please watch the video below.

That conventional wisdom we all have heard is true...

Until it isn't.

Yes, those are the Rocky Mountains and the ball is breaking towards them.

How can that be?

What's Going on Here?

The real issue is that for decades we have relied on pseudo science guiding our decision making. This is just one small example, but the next and most practical one as we start exploring the key concepts for the Read branch of our Putting Tree.

The Read Branch

We need to understand slope, the first key concept of how and why a ball breaks. It's simple. Which ever direction the ground is tilted is the direction the ball will turn. That doesn't sound hard because it's not. However, we want a system for quantifying how much the ground is tilted.

The Solution

Introduce AimPoint Express, a green reading system that allows us to feel the slope and identify a proper target regardless of the amount of slope or green speed. At this point, you're probably going "Sounds too good to be true."

But if you don't trust me by now, then stop reading. If you do, keep going by watching this next short video.

Pretty cool, right? I picked four fingers because that's the biggest slope value in the middle portion of the putt. Hold up some fingers to give me a target and bang! The live demonstration during a school turns out perfectly.

I see a lot of golfers spending ample time on making sure they pick reliable and predictable targets with great systems like Decade Golf. Why aren't they doing the same thing on the greens? Beats me. But now is your chance to learn how to become an expert green reader.

If you want a private lesson with Preston and to experience what The Garage in Orlando has to offer, check out The Putting Experience. If you can't make it to Orlando, that shouldn't stop you from putting better. Click the button below for your free preview of The Putting Plan.


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