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Capture Speed: Part 2

Where should that putt stop with good capture speed?

In our first article about Capture Speed, we talked about the importance of size and tempo to help us deliver the ball to the cup at a consistent speed. Every golfer wants consistency, right? We ultimately decided that a ball stopping about a foot past the cup gives us the best chance of holing the putt. The ball isn't going so fast that it can lip out, but it's not dripping over the edge where it can be knocked off line by imperfections in the green. But now it's time for us to take this one step further with some food for thought. Have you considered what happens when we need to apply this to different surfaces?

What Are You Talking About?

Once it's pointed out to you, it will make a lot of sense. I promise. Let's say you're accustomed to playing on a medium green speed (A stimp 10 for all you detail oriented readers). Your putt needs to be traveling at a certain capture speed (revolutions per second for the same crowd) in order to stop a foot past the cup. Now let's take that same green speed, but introduce a moderately downhill putt. If your intention is to stop the putt a foot past the cup on a miss, can it have the same capture speed as in the above scenario?

Insert Jeopardy theme music here. Of course not. Because the second putt is rolling down hill, that ball needs to be moving at a slower capture speed in order to stop a foot past the cup. Why Does This Matter? Here's why this matters? What are your expectations for where the ball stops when you miss a putt? Is it always a foot past the cup? Is it "bad capture speed" if it rolls two feet past the cup? What if the putt is downhill? What if the greens are fast, like a stimp 12?

Insert light bulb going off in your head here.

Think back to the time that you hit a really good putt that trickled two and a half feet past the cup. Was it slightly downhill or maybe a severely breaking putt? That's something worth considering before you immediately point to "I hit it too hard!" as the reason for having missed.

Your Opportunity Here's a question for you? What is the right strategy? Should you try and deliver the ball to the cup at a slower capture speed? Should you accept the ball rolling out a bit further than the norm? Are there different strategies you should be employing based on the situation? That was closer to 4 questions, but all worth considering in your next practice session.

And if you want definitive answers to that, we should start working together in person through The Putting Experience. Click below to check it out and plan your next trip to The Garage.


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