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Fix My Putting: Technology in Coaching

It goes without saying that the modern era of golf instruction demands the use of technology to quantify how you will fix your putting. Players are expecting to measure their progress and coaches need to deliver that information quickly and accurately. For my putting coaching, I utilize technology from Science and Motion (SAM) Sports. Their product offerings include putter measurement, ball tracking, and 3D renderings of that information to best communicate with players.

SAM PuttLab

SAM’s most popular offerings is PuttLab, the game’s leading technology in putting stroke analysis. This 3D ultrasound technology measures dozens of data points during the putting stroke. Because the putting stroke is a very small motion, being able to precisely measure its movement is essential for offering quality feedback and allows me to deliver elite coaching.

Rather than solely relying on video and pointing out those observations to players, quantifying those observations and effectively communicating what is happening during the stroke is a part of every session. While the data and graphs are generally for me to comprehend, their software allows me to simply highlight key parameters such as Consistency, Face Aim, Face at Impact, Path, Putter Speed, and Acceleration. Access to this information holds me accountable for offering tangible proof of improvement regardless of the player’s skill set.

SAM 3D-Putt

For those that might prefer a more visual approach to improving their putting, we can take a closer look at the stroke using 3D Putt, a digital rendering of the data from the recorded strokes. This allows players to actually see how the putter is moving during each recorded stroke. Its design and features show valuable information like Path, Arc, and Face Rotation, all areas that coaches would be hard pressed to explain if just using a camera.

Communicating parts of the stroke that need changing and showing players how the putter moves is now easier than ever. Before and after comparisons have relevance and changes can be seen rather than just expressed as numbers and data. Check out the video below to learn more.

SAM BallTracker

The most recent addition to The Studio is SAM BallTracker, a high speed camera system that is following the golf ball throughout the duration of each putt. With this offering, players can see how changing their mechanics improves ball roll, speed, and how their stroke performs on breaking putts. A fully articulating platform allows players to what happens on left to right, right to left, uphill, and downhill putts. Couple with the 3D Putt rendering, players can also better understand the speed and line relationship required to maximize their performance on the course. Click the video below to learn more about BallTracker.

The Wrap Up

The team at SAM Sports has partnered with me for several years now and I am proud to represent them and utilize their technology in my coaching. They have allowed me to build the one of the most complete Putting Studios in the country. Their products coupled with world class coaching deliver an experience unlike any other and will help you fix your putting.

If you’re ready to transform your putting, click HERE to begin the journey. It’s one you won’t want to miss. Like what you see but can’t make it to California? Check out Online Coaching HERE or contact me if you’re considering building your own indoor putting studio.

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