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2018: The Year to Create

2018 provided what I consider my first exceptional opportunity to construct the foundation for my coaching and delivering excellence to all golfers. Accomplishments ranged from building an elite facility and receiving my first award, to speaking engagements and magazine appearances. This year cannot come to a close without me reflecting on those events and thanking those that have helped me achieve so much in my career so far.


The Studio

I’ve discovered over recent years that coaching can be particularly challenging without the right environment. Since joining Don Parsons Golf in Santa Barbara, I have been afforded tremendous opportunity. 2018 saw that partnership result in the construction of our new indoor studio. The technology and environment has and will continue to allow us to deliver excellence in our coaching every day. I am indebted for the mentorship and guidance that Don has shared with me the past three years. Now that 2018 comes to a close, to say I’m grateful and for the personal and professional growth Don has offered is officially the understatement of the year.

Thank you and I’m excited for what we’ll continue to build together.


2018 Southern California PGA Northern Chapter - Teacher of the Year

Years ago when I met David Orr, he shared with me how the relentless pursuit of perfection can cripple careers. Coaches are not exempt from that flaw, but his approach to “strive for excellence” has resonated. That, along with the other tremendous qualities of his mentorship and our relationship, have not only provided a coaching foundation, but a platform as well.


Flatstick Academy Conference

One of my goals for the past year was to speak in front of a group of my peers. When David extended the invitation to join him for his first Flatstick Academy Putting Conference, the answer was a resounding yes. A platform to share the ideas behind my coaching philosophy of Create, Develop, and Own alongside some of putting’s brightest was truly an honor. I’m excited to for future events to share what I have experienced and will continue to learn throughout my putting endeavors.


Golfweek Magazine and Golf Range Magazine Feature Articles

While we’re on the topic, two unique print opportunities presented themselves. Golfweek allowed me to share my coaching journey as part of their PGA Journeys feature. Golf Range Magazine recently published an article I penned specifically highlighting how I have incorporated the use of technology in Preston’s Putting. They are the first two of what I hope are many articles and features to come. Take a look in the slideshow below!


The Brain Trust

Where did this adventure really start? It was at a little restaurant near my college campus called Scrub Oaks with Mario Bevilacqua (Give him a follow on IG @mariobevilacqua). Yes, we all remember when we first learned the real ball flight laws. That was my first step into a larger world. His friendship and guidance are unparalleled. It doesn’t escape me that none of this happens for me and my career if he doesn't open my eyes to a larger world and take me under his wing. Thank you. Cheers to always having a great meal!

To Don, David, Mario and the other close group of coaches I affectionately call “The Brain Trust,” thank you for allowing me to use you as a resource and, most importantly, being a friend all of these years.


The Wrap Up

I’m ready to share more fun and different knowledge unlike ever before. 2019 will have an online platform that allows golfers of all skill levels to have access to elite coaching and a database of Skills, Drills, and Practice Plans to help them achieve their goals. Click HERE to subscribe to Preston’s Putting and stay up to date on the latest stories, coaching concepts so you can Create, Develop, and Own your putting in 2019. Thank you for reading and have a safe and Happy New Year!

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