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The Scope of the Lens

In an earlier article on David Orr's Flatstick Academy website, he presents a concept that a player’s Mental State is greatly impacted by their mood and the lens through which they see things. The scope of both a player’s and teacher’s vision allows them to see the bigger picture. But where does that scope end?

Here’s a riddle to solve. Connect the nine dots by drawing four lines, but you can’t pick your pen up off the paper once you start drawing. Think you can do it?

Our perception of putting is defined by the lens in which we see things. However, knowing when to go beyond the existing scope is hugely important. Rather than honing in on a single mechanic or determinant that allows a putt to go in, go outside of the box and see the bigger picture. Understand that changing a single mechanic affects the entire stroke pattern. Understand that “fixing” a stroke may change the way a player reads greens. Understand the scope of the lens through which you view the world.

And if you still haven’t solved the riddle, the hint is carefully woven in the text. Click the link to this video if you really want the answer…

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