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The Stable Environment

The concept of a stable environment is one that is not often discussed in putting. While no two strokes will ever be identical down to the tenth of a degree and fraction of an inch, players should have an awareness of their pattern and trying to recreate a similar events or a stable environment.

I often liken this example to that of a skyscraper. When standing inside the building, it is undoubtedly stable at, let's say 100 stories tall. However, it is constructed with enough flex to bend just enough to better withstand natural events like high winds or earthquakes.

The same can be said for a player's putting stroke. As conditions change such as the slope under a player's feet, the speed of the surface, or external factors like pressure of a tournament, a player needs to be able to flex and bend accordingly. This video below with Brett Patton from the UCSB Men's Golf Team highlights how we identified the current state of his environment and the changes we made to stabilize that environment.

Thanks for watching and keep an eye out for another upcoming video featuring SAM PuttLab and learning more about your putting!

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