Success is the Sum...

Success. The accomplishment of an aim or purpose.

Purpose. The reason for which something is done…

In the 2015 season, I noticed a pattern with several of my students on the lesson tee. Each of them had a goal to get better. Novel concept, right? Yet before each session, the probing began trying to ultimately define what would make them consider their session, program, or the season a success.

Fact of the matter is very few people had a purpose. The overwhelming response was that they just wanted to be more consistent rather than targeting a specific purpose.

Purpose. The reason for which something is done…

Golf is a game where, for the vast majority of us, the ball doesn’t end up where we want it as often as we’d like. That said, most of us are more consistent than we give ourselves credit for being. In turn, perhaps consistency is a fruitless goal.

So what is your purpose? What is the reason you’re taking a lesson?

Is it to hit better shots? We all want that.

Is it to shoot lower scores? We all want that.

Is it to achieve an aim or goal? That. That is a step towards…

Success. The accomplishment of an aim or purpose.

Great instruction offers measurable, achievable, and verifiable results. Without a defined purpose, how can a player have success? Those that have been on my lesson tee or plan to be on mine or any other lesson tee in the future would benefit from having a sense of direction.

The cover photo reflects the core of this article. What are the small efforts that you are repeating daily? What can you do on a daily basis to nudge your golf game towards your goals? Even if it’s just five minutes per day, what can you do to achieve success?

Take a minute to answer those questions. Write them down on a piece of paper. At the bottom, put a big dot in a random spot for each thing you wrote down. Keep this piece of paper handy for the next article I’m writing entitled The Dots.

Until next time keep repeating those small efforts.

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