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The Essentials of Putting

Players often ask “What is the most important component I should practice when putting?” Undoubtedly, way too many golfers are tinkering with their stroke, the least essential element when it comes to holing more putts. Focusing on the hierarchy below will immediately help your putting.


The ideal distance for a ball to travel past the hole is only 6-12 inches. Yes, Dave Pelz has published 17 inches, but at that speed the size of the cup shrinks to a half dollar. Two feet past the hole, it becomes the size of a quarter and 3 feet past the size of a dime.


Judging break is secondary to speed because the pace the ball is traveling dictates the proper line to hole a putt.


Your stance and alignment are subjective; many great putters have had both open and closed stances. This has little to no effect on the speed and how much break you have played.


This is the most personal aspect of putting. While certain positions at impact will help you roll the ball more consistently, mastering the stroke will not matter without the first three parts.

Thank you for reading and keep an eye out for the upcoming articles on how to improve these four essentials of putting!

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