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The Quality In(n)

What is the quality of your practice, your training, and your strategies?

Let's say you're traveling and you have a choice between sleeping in your car (which every struggling tour professional has considered) or staying at the Quality Inn. Which would you choose?

Are you making the same decision for your putting? Are you getting quality in(n) your practice, training, and performance, or are you content to rough it (in your car) and hope things work out the next day?

For as long as I've been coaching, it has been so, so important to me to impress upon players to be diligent in their efforts. A blog post I wrote back in 2015 even talks about those small efforts repeated daily to help you start achieving.

Don't sleep on things like managing your capture speed. The video below shows us what can happen to good putts if you're missing some quality in(n)formation.

The Quote I Was (and am still) Pondering

“We don’t control our skill development. We don’t develop whether or not we get better at something. We control the quality of the repetitions we put in.” - Paul Dewland

When Paul shared this information with me, I knew I needed to keep it front and center of my coaching philosophy and anything that I'm building for my players. Yes, my job as a coach is to help you develop your skills. Yes, you need to get better at any given skill, task, or performance level. However, all of that is a result. But a result of what?

Where Are You Staying?

Very few of us can confidently read this short post and think to ourselves "every putt I hit today has had my full investment." And then stretch that over a week of practice. A month. A season. A year... How much better would your putting be if you started managing the quality of your efforts?

The answer is a lot better. Start staying at the Quality Inn. Learn about capture speed. Do something for yourself and your game now.


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