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Scottie's Not Scotty

Scottie has ditched his namesake putter for a Spider, but is that the reason for his success?

Was it a putter change that unlocked this remarkable run? Was it the work with Phil Kenyon finally paying off? Or was it just plain luck?

One of the main issues with the golfing world is that they're looking for one thing. They're looking for the silver bullet that is going to solve all of their problems. We're all likely guilty of this. We want things simple.

It's just this.

The truth of the matter is that it's never just one thing. And the world may never know the one thing that changed Scheffler's putting. Here, you'll get my take and maybe learn a few things that can help your game.


Overview: The Numbers

I put together a quick glance at Scheffler's SGP in 2024 (calendar year). Before we go proclaiming that after back to back wins that his putting is cured, he only finished inside the Top 30 SGP once in the last 6 events.

However, he is virtually in the middle of the pack this year at 89th place with an average SGP of -.006. That's marked improvement over over 162nd place averaging -.301. All those negatives added up to more than 22 lost shots on the green last relative to average.

There's no doubt he's made progress, only losing strokes in 2 of his last 8 rounds.

What should you learn from this?

Change takes time. His work with Phil Kenyon didn't yield miracle results overnight. But, there is a trend this season and some tangible evidence that they're headed in the right direction. When you play and practice, what tangible evidence do you have that you're working on the right things?

If you need a plan for that, try an online lesson or visiting me in Orlando. Shameless self promotion plug over. Back to Scottie.


The Putter

We all saw it changed. Scottie has ditched his Scotty. Under the watchful eyes and guidance of Phil Kenyon, it's safe to say that this wasn't a haphazard decision like most of make walking into PGA TOUR Superstore. (Yes, I just called you trying and buying putters haphazard. Get over it.)

Does head shape matter? Absolutely. Does length matter? You bet.

Did Scottie changing head shapes and lengthening his putter help him? Likely.

What should you learn from this?

Notice how this item came after the good coaching component. It's probably why I don't offer stand alone putter fitting sessions for players, but that's a different article.

The putter matters, but the best fit putter in the world doesn't matter if your setup is off or inconsistent and you don't understand your movement pattern, you're cooked.


The Wrap Up

Your takeaways from Scottie are simple.

  1. Find a coach that you trust to guide the process and keep your putting on track. I've seen too many players start slacking on basics like distance from the ball, then change putters and wonder why nothing is working.

  2. Make sure the putter is working for you, not against you. We can talk about those tests in an online lesson.

  3. Figure out the things you can track to measure your progress. And please, don't count your putts. Use Strokes Gained. Learn about it HERE.

Let's get you on track together.


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