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How Can Monopoly Help Your Putting?

This classic board game has a few good messages for your putting

Did you know that Monopoly could help you putt better? I’ll explain how this wonderful board game that teaches you about financial decisions, risk management, exposure, and life can do that for you.

When a player someone comes for a session, there’s usually several things wrong with their mechanics, skillfulness, or concepts. In order to improve on any of those given areas, we need to measure and quantify where a player is now.

This is where most players get off the tracks. They work on a single area, take a skill like speed, and hammer away on that and keep building and building and building. But what if that speed work isn’t supported by a good read, or an ability to hit the ball online?

Back to the Monopoly board. When you own a color set, you can start building houses and work your way up to hotels. But here’s the catch. You need to build “equally” across all of the properties. A single property can’t have more than one additional house than its sister properties. You can’t add four houses on Boardwalk without building anything on Park Place.

Yet this is what players do time and time again. They know they have a speed problem, so they work on their speed drills all the time. There is little to no regard how that work can impact other areas of decision making.

If you know that you tend to hit everything too hard and work on slowing down your capture speed, you’ll need to adjust your read. But how much? And was the read even any good to begin with?

This is how The Putting Experience is different from regular lessons. We build equally across all of our properties of skills, mechanics, and concepts. We help players find their biggest problem and solve it.

Maybe that biggest problem isn’t a single thing, but your understanding of how all the pieces are related. Maybe there’s a reason why you struggle on a particular break, green speed, or scenario like long uphill putts or just inside 5 feet.

I’ll leave you all with a quote I’ve been pondering in case you missed it in the 3-Bullet Thursday.

“I have come to learn that part of the business strategy is to solve the simplest, easiest, and most valuable problem. And actually, in fact, part of doing strategy is to solve the easiest problem…”

- Reid Hoffman

The Oracle of Silicon Valley

Go solve your biggest problem. Click below if you want a fast track for that.


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