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The Choice, Part Two: Cars

I like cars. If you follow me on Instagram (@pcombs21), you’ll know I really like mine. Regardless of what you drive though, consider how your car might be able to teach you something about your golf game. First, a series of (easy) questions.

What do you do after you’ve unlocked your car door?

Hopefully you answered open it followed shortly thereafter by getting in the car. There’s your first choice. You’ve decided to go somewhere.

As a golfer, you have made a decision to embark on the journey this game presents. Whether that be to play professionally or just get enough help to enjoy more weekends outdoors, you’ve gotten in the car and are committed to going somewhere. You’ve made the choice to play this game.

What do you do after you’ve gotten in the car?

The Daytona 500 is coming up, so gentlemen, start your engines. And when you start your engine in the morning, you put the keys in the ignition and turn on the car.

The ignition matters because it sparks the engine and gets everything going. See if you can identify your ignition, that thing that sparks your engine when you play. Is it good shots? Just being outdoors? Time with friends? Beating those friends in a friendly game? Knowing and keeping sight of your ignition is matters. It can get you through some of the less than memorable stretches we all have playing this game.

How are you going to get to your destination?

This last choice is more about the manner in which you get there. Will you drift around corners with smoking tires, and slide into your parking space like Ace Ventura? (Now is a good time to admit if you have or have wanted to make an entrance like that at some point in your life)

Will you keep the windows closed and shut out any additional advice on your journey? Will you keep them open and hear out those that may try to help you along the way? Will you be fixated on the road ahead? Or will your trip have the occasional detour for a scenic view?

The most important part of the article is below. Read it twice.

There are plenty of golfers more concerned with “doing it right” rather than taking in the venture, experience, and accepting. Start accepting that good results can sometimes result from poor mechanics, and that's okay, because we're not perfect machines. Sometimes not doing it right works out just fine. That type of engagement is part of the learning process. But more on that in The Choice: Part Three.

You decide how this game becomes a part of your life. You decide how to handle challenges. You decide how to react to those challenges. Now stop reading my articles, get in the car, and go to the range or course. Or stop and enjoy the view. It's your choice…

As always, thank you for reading. Shout out to @stephen.guilbert. Follow him on IG for some great pictures. Awesome road trip buddy. #PCH #WMNLA

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