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The Dots: Collecting and Connecting

While golf season may be several weeks away, I can count on a few people reading this to be doing some golf related reading, practicing indoors, or taking a trip to warmer climates. One of my recent articles (which you can read here) talked about the small efforts golfers can make on a daily basis to achieve a higher performance level. But how are you going about that?

It typically starts with gathering random bits of information that may or may not be foundational for success like watching The Golf Channel and swiping the occasional magazine. Fact of the matter is, not many people really know for sure what efforts to apply to their golf game to have a meaningful impact. This is a prime example of people who are just collecting dots. Their approach is scattered and lacks purpose. There isn't a defined reason for which something is being done.

It is essential to identify what your overarching goals are for the upcoming season. Whether that be to reach a particular handicap or compete at a certain level, it allows the golfer to start seeing what dots should be collected because they are relevant to the goal. Once a player starts managing to collect useful dots in the form of instruction or knowledge to help weak parts become stronger, then he can begin connecting the dots.

Connecting the dots involves putting the plan in place. Ask yourself what the order that you, as the player, are going to execute those dots to create a bigger picture. Is your weakness your short game and putting? Do you throw away too many shots off the tee? Whatever the answer may be, take some time to identify the goal, and find the help of a quality instructor who can help with the pieces that will help you get there.

Remember, you are collecting AND connecting the dots for a purpose.

What is the reason you are playing golf in 2016?

Need a sounding board for ideas about your golf game? Click HERE to reach me and I will be happy to spend some time discussing your game and how I can help you reach your goals in 2016.

Special thanks to Corey Lundberg and Matt Wilson from Curious Coaches for sharing a quotation during a Texas presentation about collecting and connecting dots. It inspired this article. They have some great information that you can check out at


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