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The NEW SAM PuttLAB 3D Software

The introduction of the NEW SAM PuttLab 3D Software is very exciting for me as a teacher and will be for players of all ability levels. This program gives us a 360 viewing angle of every stroke that a player records on SAM. In addition to the results of each test report, we can visually see the changes a player has made to produce a better result.

One of the main challenges during SAM PuttLab sessions is trying to convey a message to a golfer that hasn't given much thought to their putting stroke. Some things like initial ball direction, the putter's actual arc, and the face to path relationship were formerly difficult things to describe. Now that we have a 3D rendering of the stroke, players are able to see exactly what I am desribing and make more effective changes.

Check out the video belw for some of the other cool features that you can use during your next seesion!

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