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The Most Interesting Man in Golf

The relatively unheralded Chris Como is Tiger’s latest set of eyes, but who is he? Outside of the instructional community, he is a name on the Golf Digest Top 40 under 40 Instructors list you may have skipped. From picking the range at Westlake Golf Course in California as a kid to one of the most coveted (or despised) jobs in golf is a tremendous leap.

Como’s leap started with studying for his master’s degree under Dr. Young-Hoo Kwon at Texas Women’s University. Kwon is an authority on golf biomechanics and is repeatedly cited by some of the game’s best and most scientific instructors. It is apparent that more than a little bit of that knowledge has rubbed off on Como and supplemented his own research. Woods said in a statement he had “several good conversations [with Chris] about the golf swing.”

While Hank Haney claims this is the easiest position any of Woods’ coaches have been in given the recent trend, I will wholeheartedly disagree. The expectations for Woods are always high considering this is his last feasible chance to reach 18 majors and the question if Woods will ever reclaim dominance of this game is ever present.

Given Woods’ injury history including microdiscectomy surgery for a pinched nerve in his back in April, the choice seems logical; someone who can build a swing around the existing issues and get back to competing. The real question at hand is not Como’s understanding of the swing and its mechanics, but rather the dynamic of the relationship. How will Woods respond to changes going forward? Is he willing to make the necessary changes to his game plan since he will never be as strong or fit as Rory? These are only questions time can answer. Questions that make Chris Como the most interesting man in golf.

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