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GEARS Golf: The Next Best Thing

Knowing versus guessing. That's what measuring gives you. Knowing exactly what is occuring at impact from the club face to body alignments was once futuristic. Until now...

Enter GEARS Golf, "the full swing club and body tracking system... [used] to measure and analyze every nuance of a swing, in full 3D, from address to follow-through" ( Their technology utilizes an eight camera system and carefully placed sensors to measure some of the most revealing information about a player's swing. GEARS prides themselves in not only the most accurate data, but the amount of it to provide a complete picture down to the loft of each groove on a driver.

Michael Manavian is operator of one of very few units worldwide at Greenwich DX Sports Labs in Greenwich, Connecticut. I had the pleasure of joining Michael prior to their opening this week to see firsthand what this new technology can really do for your game.

Since the road of being left handed isn't all glorious, I was relegated to swinging a right handed driver for the session. While pleasantly surprised, there is definitely work to be done on this swing I've included. The good news? I know exactly what work needs to be done.

We as golf professionals are entering a new generation of swing instruction and club fitting beginning with GEARS Golf. Students will be able to experience the finest instruction and finally be able to pinpoint areas of improvement. Think high handicappers can't benefit from the fancy stuff like this? Think again. Most high handicappers don't have the awareness that their body is in a particular position creating the slice that they have loathed for years. Now, there is tangible proof for them to see and address those changes.

Ready to make the leap into this new found realm of excellence? Get a hold of Michael Manavian through Greenwich DX Sports Labs on Facebook or @GDXSL on Twitter.

Thanks for reading Your Par Golf!

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