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Think Outside the Hole...

Ask yourself what is the first thing you do on a practice putting green. If you answered that you putt to a hole, you’re guilty. Don’t worry about it though because we all do it.

Putts can be holed at varying speeds, so how can you ensure you are practicing with the best speed? While it is nice to see putts go in, try this drill to improve your speed, the most important component of your putting.


  • Find a gently sloped portion of the green where you can putt balls from 5, 10, 15, 20, and 25 feet to a tee in the ground.

  • Observe how far short of or past the tee each of the five putts went.

  • Try this in a different part of the green except putt to the closest edge of the fringe instead of a tee.

  • Lastly, go back to the original spot. Envision the tee as the edge of the fringe and notice how your awareness of speed control improves.


We’ve all heard the old adage on short putts: “Hit it firm and take the break out of it.” The faster the ball is traveling, the smaller the cup becomes. The fastest a ball can roll and still go in is 4.7 feet per second. To improve your chances of the ball going in, a speed of six to twelve inches past the cup is ideal.

Treat your putting like gambling. If you can walk into a casino and tip the odds in your favor, why wouldn’t you?

Thank you for reading! Be sure to explore the rest of and click HERE to download and print this article. I look forward to seeing you at Metedeconk National and helping you play YOUR PAR Golf!


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