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Is Your Speed Good?

Do you know what speed works best for all of your putts? Do you know if it changes?

You consider yourself an average putter. Some days are good. Some days are not so good. You can make a few and play well. You can also have a pile of near misses from close range. The most frustrating part?

You have no idea why that happens. I do.

Most players are defining the quality of their speed solely predicated on the number of 3 putts in any given round. 2 putts from 10 feet? That’s fine. Tour players are around 40% from that distance. You’re not on Tour, so that’s fine. Right?

Let’s play out that scenario a bit more clearly.

You on the Course

Hole 3: Moderate right to left putt from 10 feet. It misses a little high and runs a little over 2 feet by.

Hole 6: Very similar putt to the third hole. We missed the last one a little firm, so let’s hit this one a little softer… Grazes the low edge and stops just barely past the cup.

Hmmm. Must’ve pulled that one a touch. We’ll fix that on the next hole…

Both scenarios resulted in a two putt. But there’s one glaring issue.

What's Happening?

On flat putts, the dispersion of a speed that leaves the ball between 6 and 30 inches past the cup is acceptable. On a breaking putt, not so much. We need to match speed and line.

This is where players get into trouble. Their speed isn’t consistent enough to pick a reliable target. They’re left guessing which of The Putting Priorities (Read, Speed, or Direction) needs adjusting in order to perform better.

The best starting point that you can do both at the course as well as at home (looking at all you northerners with winter coming) is speed.

Get the Speed Class. You’ll thank me later.


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