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Anyone can learn a better stroke during one lesson, but is that enough to perform better?

Players need time and a guided pathway to develop skills that compliment a refined technique.


This Winter Program allows competitive players of all ages to start a program to build their best stroke and become more skillful than ever.

Your First Visit
January 2023

  • 3 Hour Live Session in The Garage

  • Video analysis

  • Speed and green reading tests

  • SAM PuttLab analysis

  • Online information portal with recap

  • 1 online Lesson

Monthly Visits
February through April

  • 2 Hour Live Sessions in The Garage

  • 1 Hour on site training session

  • 1 online lesson each month

  • At home Training Program 

  • Putter Fitting assessment

Value Added Offerings
The Extra Stuff

  • AimPoint Green Reading

  • The Speed Class

  • The Putting Kit training aids

  • Exclusive video database access

  • Travel tripod for filming


I'm Ready to Start!

Contact Preston to join The Winter Program and schedule your first live session at The Garage in Orlando, FL! 

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