It's time to add the best and most effective putting training aid on the market to your practice! The Visio Mi Putting Template is designed to give you visual and kinesthetic feedback for the most important part of your putting: controlling the face.

Understanding where the face is positioned throughout the stroke, especially at impact, is essential to making more putts. For the first time, players have access to a tool that provides a visual representation of both the face and path throughout the stroke. Learning this relationship will help you start the ball on line for greater accuracy, reduce side spin for better rolls, and promote better distance control.


The arc of the stroke is aligned so the projected path at impact is perfectly square to the ball's target line which is also referenced on the Mi Putting Template. Learning this face and path relationship will help you start the ball online for greater accuracy, reduce side spin for better rolls, and promote better distance control.


The Visio Mi Putting Template is available in 4 different arc strengths of 12, 15, 18, and 21 degrees. The higher the number represents a more pronounced arc in a player's stroke. We find that most do well with the 15 degree arc, the most neutral appearing of the four options. If you're not sure which one best fits your stroke, the 15 degree is a great place to start.


If you are a coach or instructor, we recommend starting with a 4 or 8 pack that includes each arc size. This will allow you to best accommodate a variety of students that have different needs including setup, arm structure, stroke pattern, putter fitting, and preferences. 


The newest edition of the Visio Mi Putting Template is the PURE Arc, a mat designed to place a strong visual emphasis on the arc of the sweet spot as opposed to the face angle. Players will find more freedom with varying amounts of face rotation throughout the stroke while still maintaining essential principles like a stable arc, face aim, and the same face gate offerings from the original Mi Putting Template. 

The PURE Arc is available in 12, 15, and 18 degrees. 4 Packs of the PURE Arc will include 2 15 degree arcs. 8 packs will include 3 12, 3 15, and 2 18 degree arcs.


The Original Mi Putting Template

Single Template.......................$55 each

The PURE Arc

Single Template.......................$55 each

Please note that if you order a Template and it is not in stock, you will receive an e-mail notification. The wait time is approximately 10 business days if a product is out of stock. Thank you in advance for your understanding as this product is shipped from the UK. 

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