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This Strokes Gained Putting Calculator will help you accurately determine good putting days versus poor putting day by more than just tracking your total putts. This tracks the value of the putts that you made. After all, making a 12 footer is much more valuable than a 2 footer. 

Learn more about Strokes Gained Putting HERE.

Enter your handicap or leave blank if you wish to compare your performance against PGA Tour Players. When entering your round data, the distance from the first putt comes from a ball that has come to rest on the green. This does not include the fringe, even if you used your putter. Enter the distance of the putts for each hole and select zero, one, two, three, or (gulp) four based on how many putts you took.

Thank you to the team at for offering this service for my players and I to be able to easily calculate this metric.