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Plan on Improving!

I'll kick this post off with a short story. I knew a guy down in El Paso that took off all his clothes and jumped into a mess of cactus. At this point you're wondering 'Why?' I asked him the same question. 'Why?' He said because it seemed like a good idea at the time...How often do you make a bonehead decision like jumping into a cactus during a round? Be honest when you count the number of times you are my friend in El Paso.

Day in and day out, I see golfers make the same, stroke costing decisions on the course. So why are amateur golfers worldwide experiencing this epidemic?


Even I thought I knew how to play golf. Then, I read Lowest Score Wins. Within hours, my golfing life changed for the better. Lowest Score Wins shows golfers everything from understanding proper strategy and prepartion, to making practical use of limited time to gain the most strokes.

Don't jump into a mess of cactus. Learn how to play golf. Order Lowest Score Wins today!

Do you want to learn how to play golf? (Insert a resounding YES here). Good. Here's how:

1. Ask me for a copy of Lowest Score Wins by sending me an e-mail HERE

2. Visit to read more.

Thanks for reading! Get ready to play Your PAR Golf!

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