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Preston Combs, PGA Teaching Professional

6034 Hollister Avenue

Goleta, CA 93107



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Have you always wanted to be creative around the greens, but just aren't consistent on even the easy shots? At the Short Game School, I am going to show you how to be creative with predictable results! 


You'll no longer guess what club to use, type of shot to hit, and you'll even learn to get the ball in the hole faster with AimPoint Express Green Reading.


You'll also learn a variety of green side shots including: 


  • Essential chipping and pitching 

  • Bunker play

  • Changing trajectory

  • Trouble shots


It's the most complete Short Game School that will knock shots off your score faster than ever!


The Private Short Game School

1 Person                           $295 per person


The Group Short Game School

2-4 People                        $195 per person