Visio Putting Gates are simple and easy to use devices that give you feedback on your ability to hit your starting line.

The Visio color coded gates come in a pack of 3 sizes which when placed at specific distances from the ball will creat a specific margin of error for face angle at impact. This is an essential skill for players to develop in order to launch putts online.

  • Red Gate - 60mm 
  • Silver Gate - 55mm 
  • Black Gate - 50 mm 


50mm @ 17 inches requires less than 0.5 degree of error 
50mm @ 11 inches requires less than 0.75 degree of error

55mm @ 14 inches requires less than 1 degree of error
55mm @ 19 inches requires less than 0.75 degree of error 

60mm @ 40 inches requires less than 0.5 degrees of error

60mm @ 20 inches requires less than 1 degree of error

Visio Putting Gate Pack

  • Please be sure to remove the plastic covering on the mirror prior to usage. 

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