To date, most indoor putting practice and training has been done on a flat surface. Yet you don't face many flat putts on the course, so why would you limit your practice to that environment? The answer is that you don't have to anymore.

The Putting Perfection Platform is the world's first fully articulating indoor putting surface that allows you to practice like you play. Left to right, right to left, uphill, downhill and any combination can all be trained on the Putting Perfection Platform. Stop trying to perfect your stroke and start spending time on learning to make more putts in situations that you'd face on the golf course.

Above: The Perfection Platform highlighting the change in break on 1, 2, and 3% tilts and the value of knowing and implementing AimPoint Green Reading

Right: Visual recognition of the break amounts on a 2% Tilt from right to left.

Applying stroke mechanics to real world situations for helps players of all skill levels develop more efficiently.  From recognizing breaking putts with AimPoint Green Reading to understanding how their stroke adapts on those surfaces, players will be able experience the most complete putting training opportunity on the west coast.

Coupled with the latest offerings in both technology, teaching, and training aids, participants in The Putting Experience will start making the progress with their putting that they have always desired. If why a player misses left to right putts more often that right to left putts, those questions will be answered quickly and efficiently. Rather than hope that their mechanics hold up once they leave the comfort of their flat practice mat or practice green before a round, players can train for the environment in which they play and compete on a regular basis. 

Left: SAM PuttLab is the perfect compliment for players to have visual and kinesthetic feedback to improve their stroke and performance in The Putting Experience.

About Perfection Platforms

The Perfection Platform is the world’s first fully articulating indoor putting surface. The electronic actuators allow golfers to modify the tilt in the surface to recreate and practice breaking putts in any teaching academy, fitting studio, home, or office. 

Perfection Platforms are constructed of a lightweight aluminum for the best quality, truest roll, and maximum durability. Standard units begin at  14’ x 5.5’ and are the perfect size for teaching with SAM PuttLab, SAM BalanceLab, Quintic, and AimPoint Green Reading. Each unit is equipped with TruLine putting turf, the industry’s finest indoor surface. Midsize Platforms are available in 19' x 8' and Large Platforms are available in 24' x 12'. 

As seen below on Clemson University's Platform, the unit can be customized with colored aluminum trim and logo on the TruLine surface. This addition is perfect for any academy, university, and business. Additional upgrades include a force plate kit to incorporate SAM BalanceLab, cameras, lighting, and LED lighting for the underside of the Platform. 


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