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Is your putter helping or hurting your game? Do you even know?

Most people don't, so take a few minutes and learn how you can move your putting in the right direction. And if anything discussed in thi...

I like cars. If you follow me on Instagram (@pcombs21), you’ll know I really like mine. Regardless of what you drive though, consider how your car might be able to teach you something about your golf...

While the vast majority of my posts come from either a lesson or a bit of knowledge obtained from a fellow instructor, this one came over the course of three nights while re-attending the Flatstick Ac...

In an earlier article on David Orr's Flatstick Academy website, he presents a concept that a player’s Mental State is greatly impacted by their mood and the lens through which they see things. The sco...

There are many ways to help players that are in need of making changes to their putting stroke. This video highlights a recent lesson I did with a high school player who responds well to a constrained...

There comes a point in time where I can take a hint. I usually see or hear something enough times where I finally decide to do something about it. That time has come and is how I ended up with this a...

The putt that day in 2008. The eruption. The celebration. And that iconic line.

I think back to Tiger's last major championship victory at the 2008 US Open and realized I knew what was going to happen...

"I'm practicing and not getting better!" 

"I work hard and don't shoot lower scores!"

"I always have a blow up hole that

ruins my round!"

Sound like a dialogue you've had either in your head or with frie...

The concept of a stable environment is one that is not often discussed in putting. While no two strokes will ever be identical down to the tenth of a degree and fraction of an inch, players should hav...


The agonizing wait. The dramatic crescendo. The timeless heroism. 


Each of these emotional snippets define Azalea, the 13th hole at Augusta National Golf Club. These indelible moments on one of golf’...

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Fix My Putting: The Secret to Stop 3 Putting

June 1, 2020

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